How I found the Best Nespresso Machine

Okay I just started this blog as a place to voice out my thoughts for the day.

I have been a coffee drinker for a long long time. I started falling in love with espresso a year ago. I have tried espresso in many places and many times at the same place. Even at the same place, the consistency of espresso is always varying depending on which barista serves you. only the really good baristas can serve you the same quality of espresso time and time again.

Sometimes, I get disappointed when I am served a poor quality coffee. It totally ruins my mood in the morning before work. So I thought. why not get my own espresso machine. This way i can save money and also be able to control my espresso quality. And here is the story of how I got the best Nespresso Machine for my home.

Let’s the story begins….

I searched the internet on the espresso machines for a while. There are really many types of machines. I don’t really know what to get at first. After a while of searching, I found out that there are 5 types of espresso machines.

There are the steam espresso makers, semi-automatic espresso machines, pod-based single serve coffee makers, superautomatic espresso machines and manual espresso machines. Within each class, there are many models and many brands.

Okay. so how do I choose the best espresso machine? So I thought to myself. What do I need from the machine?

I came out with a checklist. First I need it to make espresso in a convenient way. I want it at a touch of a button. So steam espresso makers, semi-automatic espresso machines and manual espresso machines are all out. That leaves me with superautomatics and pod-based espresso machines.

I also don’t want anything to do with coffee powder as it get really messy. Okay, superautomatic espresso machines  is still in the fight. It has a integrated grinder. So it is a one touch of a button preparation of espresso. Pod-based espresso machines are equally convenient. They are single serve coffee makers which use specialized coffee pods. So no need to deal with coffee powder. It’s a good thing to have. So which should i choose?

Okay. now we talk about budget. Superautomatics are really expensive. The cheaper ones still cost about 300 to 400 dollars. Whereas for pod-based espresso makers, I can get them as low at below 100 dollars. Now we have a winner. Pod-based espresso maker is the best.

Next question is which brand do I go for? There’s keurig, nespresso, starbucks, cuisine art and several others. After another many hours of research, I decided on Nespresso. Nespresso won the fight because it has the best variety of capsule having more than 20 different flavours with  many special edition flavours.

Cool. Nespresso you are my choice. Now there’s a number of Nespresso espresso machines. Which should I choose? The prices ranges from as low as below 100 to several hundreds of dollars. I found this website on the best espresso machine reviews and compare the various Nespresso espresso machines. And I found a gem. This is the Nespresso vertuoline coffee and espresso makers.

After reading many more other nespresso vertuoline reviews, it further strengthens my decision to buy this machine. Why is that? It is because it has a special benefit. It can make both coffee and espresso. Well, I like to drink coffee at times too, especially at weekends.  And you won’t believe it. It is pretty affordable too. Really a budget espresso machine for me.
Okay, that’s all today. Time to sleep.